Your first aesthetic appointment can kickstart a million different thoughts through overthinking, but it doesn't need to.

Understandably, you’ll have a few nerves getting your first aesthetic treatment done or even going to a new practitioner for the first time. That’s a normal human reaction to a new situation.

But the more you understand what you’re going into, the more you can understand and prepare for the situation.

At Perfectly You Co, we go out of our way to ensure everyone feels completely comfortable with the treatment, our practitioner, and the entire process. We even offer free consultation calls before booking to discuss any queries you may have.

In this article, we’ve broken down each step we’ll go through on your first aesthetic treatment.

By doing so, we hope it’ll make the process for you a little bit smoother and make you realise there’s nothing to worry about, especially when you’re going to a trained practitioner.

1 . Personal Conversation

We live by our Perfectly You Co values of PEEP: Personal, Educated, Experienced, and Professional.

All are important values, but being personal is vital. Performing treatments is a personal experience. Clients trust us with empowering them to feel confident, and we’re doing so in a new setting for you, so understanding each other is crucial for the right results and the right relationship. 

We want you to be super happy with the outcome, for you to spread the word and for you to keep coming back. But our deeper connections are important, and many clients become friends.

This connection is why the personal conversation in the beginning is essential. Many of our treatments become a lovely catch-up, discussing life, issues, and events. Although it’s not required, a chat will always spring up regardless, and we pride ourselves on that. 

There’s no rushing you in and out like in other places; we’ll always take our time to make sure you feel comfortable and valued when in our clinics.

2. Pre Treatment Consultation

At Perfectly You Co, you’ll be asked to complete a pre-treatment consultation form covering medical background and permissions.

You can do this online through our booking system, but you can also do it in our clinic on the iPad should you wish or if there are parts you’re unsure about. 

We’ll have a sit-down and cover it whichever way you decide. If everything is relatively straightforward, this shouldn’t take more than five minutes. However, if there are areas you’ve raised with us in the form, we’ll cover those first.

These aesthetic consultations are a legal requirement, and for good reason. Health and safety should always come first.

3. Pre-Treatment Procedures

Depending on the treatment you get, there may be some pre-treatment procedures.

For example, if you’re getting lip filler done, you’ll have a topical numbing cream applied to the lips, which will take some time (up to 15 minutes, or even more should your body require it).

For most, it’ll just be about getting comfortable in this new clinic and the bed where we perform the treatment.

4. Aesthetic Treatment

The aesthetic treatment is the main reason you’ll be at our clinic.

Our Head Practitioner, Adele, is a registered and practising nurse with multiple aesthetics qualifications from leading industry providers, such as Harley Academy. Her experience and bedside manner mean you’ll be getting a top-class treatment service but also one in which you’ll feel comfortable whilst it’s happening.

Yes, there’ll be a few times it’ll be quiet whilst she’s concentrating, but overall, she’ll be having a chat with you, ensuring you’re comfortable, and making sure your first aesthetic appointment is everything you wanted.

5. Post Care Advice

Whether it’s your first aesthetic appointment or your thirtieth, you’ll always need to follow the post-care advice.

Post-care plays a big part in getting the desired results and is the part you directly control. When you leave the clinic, it’s up to you to follow them. 

Doing so will allow your body to recover correctly, allowing for the best possible results.

Your first aesthetic appointment can be seen as a nervy new experience, but with the right practitioner, it doesn’t have to be.

We’ve broken down exactly what you’ll experience during your own to give you an idea of what to expect and to put some of those pesky overthinking thoughts to bed.

If you’re still not quite ready to commit to your first aesthetics appointment, why not book a free consultation call?

This no-obligation call is a 10/15 minute phone/video call with our Head Practitioner, Adele, who’ll be happy to chat through any questions you have.