Appt time

  • Approximately 30 mins from consult to treatment

Price (out of 3)

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Over-sweating affects a lot of the population, and has a real impact on people's confidence in how they carry themselves or what they wear.

By getting a hyperhidrosis treatment, you can prevent the glands from producing excess sweat, meaning a marked improvement in the under-arm area in a safe and controlled manner.

How does a hyperhidrosis appointment work?

Step 1: Booking

Book in a suitable time for your hyperhidrosis appointment (if you have events, allow yourself enough time post-treatment for the aftercare routine)

Step 2: Pre-consult

You'll get an email/text to fill in your hyperhidrosis pre-consultation form, including health questionnaire and permissions.

Step 3: Appointment

Your appointment will last about 30 minutes in a relaxed clinic environment, having a chat and then through to the actual treatment of several injections.

Accelerated support to prevent excess sweat.

Accelerated support to prevent excess sweat.


"Is a hyperhidrosis treatment right for me?"

Hyperhidrosis is for those who have always struggled with excess sweat. These injections are a safe method to reduce sweat significantly.

We can discuss your goals before you've even booked, so reach out to us on Instagram or pop us an email if you'd like to chat.

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Pre & Post Care

How to get the best results.

A great aesthetic practitioner will lean on their years of experience, education, and training to shape their treatment to get you the best results. But what you do can also have an impact.


How you prep for your treatment can influence the results you get. By taking these following steps, you can ensure you’re ready to receive an aesthetic treatment and get the results you want.

After care

The 48 hours following your treatment are very important in how your body recovers. If you follow these after-care guidelines, you’ll heal quicker and have better results because of it.


Perfecly You Co Hyperhidrosis Pricing

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    Hyperhidrosis FAQs

    Hyperhidrosis is the term given to excess sweating, which isn’t necessarily brought on by heat or exercise.

    It’s your body’s way of trying to manage its temperature.

    It affects a proportion of the population, with the excess under arm sweating leading to anxiety or stress.

    There are a few other hyperhidrosis treatments available, so it’s important to see what works best for you.

    It’s best to speak to your GP if you’re exploring different options such as drugs or surgery, however botulinum toxin injections are proven to be a very effective treatment and it is something we can offer at Perfectly You Co.