Money Back Guarantee

30 Day ‘No Results’ Money Back Guarantee

With our science-backed, clinically-proven skincare, we know that you’ll see results within 30 days. We believe it that much, that we’re willing to offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you order one of the Perfectly You Co Skincare ‘Soft and Sensitive’ Bundles, and you’re not satisfied with the results after 30 days of constant use, we’ll give you your money back (minus delivery).

Our aim is to ensure that all customers receive the proven benefits of the correct skincare routine, and we’re proud to live by that. We want to build long term trust with our audience, and are happy to put that above profit. 

To qualify for the 30 days money back guarantee, you must:

  • Have bought a ‘Soft and Sensitive’ skincare complete bundle 
  • Have used the products twice a day for 30 days, with no other skincare products (full documented that is required is listed below)
  • Must be claiming within 45 days of your purchase
  • Provided images for our skin experts to check on progress (more below)

To be eligible to receive the money back guarantee, we require you to document your skincare journey over the thirty days you use the products. This includes:

  • Take 3 pictures of your face prior to starting to use our products, one front on, one of your left profile of your face and one of the right profile of your face
  • Take pictures of the above three profiles after every use of the products (which should be used twice daily)
  • Take a final 3 pictures at the end of your 30 day journey

Please put these above images into a zip folder or shareable link, and send it through to . Our skin experts will then check your documentation and if they agree that no progress has been made, we’ll refund your purchase price (minus delivery) to your original payment card. 

We reserve the right to update these terms and conditions as and when we see fit.

This money back guarantee is solely reserved for PYC Skincare products, and does not apply for the treatments side of the business.