PYC Skincare Wholesale

Share the word and earn with PYC Skincare.

PYC Skincare are delighted to launch our new wholesale opportunities to businesses within the health and wellness, beauty, skincare, medical industries and more.
We believe strongly in our products. Our ‘Soft and Sensitive’ range has been developed by a leading skincare laboratory in London, clinically proven its results, and is registered on the UK/EU cosmetics portals, with all relevant CSPRs.
If you want to share safe and effective skincare products with your audience, we want to make sure you’re rewarded for it.

Why work with PYC Skincare?

PYC Skincare was created by a range of professionals across healthcare, aesthetics, marketing, and more.
We wanted to create a skincare brand that was simple, yet effective. It had to be cruelty free and vegan. It had to be free from harsh chemicals and produced here in the U.K. But most importantly, it had to be done correctly.
By partnering with a leading skincare laboratory, we ensured the highest level of testing, safety, and efficacy, with all products registered on the UK/EU Cosmetics Portal, all holding all safety reports and CSPRs.
Everything with PYC Skincare is science-backed and proven, allowing you to rest easy in the fact that the products you stock have been developed with your audience in mind.
Adele Mcgrath, Perfectly You Co.
PYC Skincare Wholesale
PYC Skincare Wholesale

How does it work?

Thanks to our relationships with our partner laboratory and our other supply chain partners, we’re able to ensure a fast turnaround and preferential rates for our wholesale clients.
This means we can generate better economies of scale, driving wholesale prices down, allowing for a margin to be created and for you to still be able to sell the product at retail price.
This means our partners secure incentivised rates on our products, whilst audiences are still getting incredible value from science-backed skincare products, at not a penny above retail price.


Registered Products on UK/EU Cosmetics Portal


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Clinically-proven and registered

All of our products have undergone strict development and testing in our partner skincare laboratory in London, each holding a valid CSPR (cosmetic safety product report) and are all registered on the UK/EU Cosmetics Portal.


All of our products, and the lab that they are developed in, are 100% cruelty-free. None of our products or ingredients will ever be tested on animals, and we ensure that is the case for our entire supply chain, whether skincare or otherwise.

No harsh chemicals

We will never use harsh chemicals in any of our product ranges, whether 'Soft and Sensitive' or not. The best addition to skin is by recreting the conditions and substances which our bodies naturally create, and we match that with our products.

Vegan friendly and eco friendly

All of the products from our partner skincare laboratory are vegan friendly certified, making our products as accessible as possible. All of our bottles can also be recycled and reused in for other uses, making it an eco friendly option.

Want more information?

We'd love to discuss how a partnership between your business and PYC Skincare could work. Please reach out with any questions, or if you'd simply like to chat.